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Download SakaHapa now

Download SakaHapa now

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Download the App for Free on Playstore or the App store and Sign In as a buyer.

Post a Request

Post a new request by clicking '+' button at the bottom of the home page. Requests are free to post and they remain valid for 48 hours.

Review Offers

Accept or Decline reponses from sellers according to how close they match your request.

Contact the Seller

Make initial contact with the merchant whose offer you accepted since they have no access to your contact information.

Receive your Item

Visit the seller's store if you would like to try on / test products before purchase or arrange for delivery. Payment is done after receiving and inspecting your product.


1. Never send money in advance including delivery fees.

2. Inspect your products well before you purchase.

3. Ensure all meeting points are in safe public places.

4. Payment should only be done once you have received your product.

5. Kindly rate your seller after every transaction to help other buyers in future.

Sign In as a seller.

Download the App for Free on Playstore or the App store and Sign In as a seller.

Respond to Buyer Requests

Respond to buyer requests with an offer that matches the buyer's specifications

Receive Response feedback

As a seller, you will receive feedback from the buyer, about your response as either 'Accepted' or 'Rejected'.

Wait for contact

For an accepted reponse, patiently wait for the buyer to initiate contact to agree on how they will receive the product

Tips for Success while Using the App

  1. 1. Avoid using photoshopped images. Make sure you upload high quality photos of the actual product.
  2. 2. Ensure you give a competitive price for your product/Response.
  3. 3. Make deliveries within 2 hours to get a favorable rating. If this is not possible, communicate to the buyer in advance.
  4. 4. Always state your delivery terms upfront, whether it is Free or subject to additional charges.

Note: The catalogue feature allows a seller to advertise any unique product they have in stock. The number of products a particular seller can upload depends on the package they subscribe to. These products can be viewed by buyers within a 40km geographical radius from the seller.

Seller Subscrption packages

Upon registration, every new seller is granted a 30 - day Free trial period. Once the trial phases is over, sellers can choose between 2 of our subscription packages.

Silver package Gold Package
Product upload Upload 25 products at a time Upload 100 products at a time
Responding to buyer posts 100 responses 500 responses
Product performance Sellers can view individual product statistics according to the following parameters:
1. How many buyers viewed a particular product
2. How many buyers saved a particular product to collection
Indexing Products appear at the top as second priority Products appear at the top as first priority
Pricing Ksh.999 per month Ksh.2,499 per month